Our Family Vision

To be a model family where every individual is dedicated to love God whole heartedly and love each other unconditionally. Living lives in accordance to the holy scripture and doing our best to honor our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here I am!

Hello Everybody!

Let me formerly introduce you my mei mei, JOEY!

This is me and my sister before our sleeping time. As you can see mei mei is already half asleep while I prefer to wait for Daddy and Mummy before I sleep., Sorry for not updating this blog because daddy was too busy with us! We are having a great time and everyday has been fun fun fun for me and mei mei Joey. Joey mei mei has a lot of hair and she is so pretty. Everytime we go down to our neighborhood shops to walk around, many people surely priase mei mei for being so beautiful. She doesnt know how to use blog spot yet so I will teach her how to update this blog herself while I get busy with my stuff.

Will get mei mei to write to you soon.

Love you!

Josiah Pok

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Does Daddy get angry with you?

Dearest Josiah,

Daddy had an interesting thought while babysitting you tonight. Of course it all started with you making daddy mad for refusing to stay within your bed area. Daddy got really angry for a while, but the anger was immediately vanished the moment you gave Daddy's tummy a tuck..Honestly, you are much a better boy compared to daddy when I was your age..(at least this is what Yeh Yeh said)

I had a flash back of my own life for a moment. Growing up from a young boy to a married man. Making my daddy (Yeh yeh) angry would probably be a countless events to be recorded. Instances where I broke the living room cabinet glass with a basketball at 9, running across the road without permission to buy ice packs, instigating my younger brother to steal from the provision shops are just some which deeply impressed in my heart. Of course, all these ended off with a painful consequences of countless cane marks on Daddy's buttock. Sometimes, I think Yeh Yeh don't love me and all he does is to get angry with me in whatever things I do. But little did I realize all these events broke Yeh Yeh's heart.

Does Daddy get angry? Of course!!! Does Daddy get angry for long? As long as I can remember for my life...Yeh Yeh never got angry with me more than a day.. Does Yeh Yeh remember my wrong doing. I don't think so..as much as he forgives..he forgets..That's how Father's love is all about isn't it? We try to put on a strong front, stern, firm, strict and sometimes harsh. But deep down within our heart there seems to be no memory tank for the wrong doing of our child. Only good ones are kept there. I think that's so about Father God. Does He gets angry or does He feels angry for a long time or does He remembers them?? Well..My last check with the bible..its still says the same thing.."He forgives us and remember not our trespasses.."

Don't have a wrong impression of Dad. I love you with all my heart. When I correct you..It's not that I don't love you. It just that I love you too much...

Daddy Pok

Sunday, May 17, 2009

'What I see my Father does, I do also..."

Daddy (senior secretary) and Josiah (the boss) at work.

Hi Josiah,

Daddy has been experiencing a very stressful period in my life having to juggle with many things. Daddy fell sick last week and had high fever running through for the last few days but now I am feeling much better already. Not able to carry and smell you for the last few days was really a torture for me.

This evening, Daddy felt so loved to have you fell asleep right in my arms. Though it took us almost an hour to get you to lala land. It felt so good and I am not sure how to explain that feeling.

Daddy is so proud of you that you have learn so many things. We love you to teach us how to play 'badminton', how a cat will 'meow', how to sing 'God is so good' with your famous hand movements. Now you are already learning how to walk your first few steps, Daddy has always been observing your progress. I feel so proud every time I see you take that little step. Though you end up falling most of the time. Daddy know each fall will make you stronger and wiser. I am quite sure it's just matter of weeks before you take off with your little feet everywhere in the house. You can do it!!

Together let's wait for the arrival of Mei Mei, Joey. It just another 50 days before the arrival of mei mei. Let's pray for her safe arrival!!

Josiah and Joey are the best gift that God has given to Daddy and Mummy. Just tell us how much God trust and love us in entrusting these beautiful lives to us. Daddy and Mummy love you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Learning Journey with Daddy & Mummy

Dearest Uncles and Aunties,

It has almost more than a month since my last posting. I am so excited to share with all of you all the things that I have learnt. Mummy taught me twinkle twinkle little star song with some simple dance move. I managed to learn them really quickly. Though I am still learning how to shake my buttock..I have mastered the hand and finger movement. If you happen to see me around, please sing for me this song and I will show you my dance...hee hee.

Daddy and Mummy have been talking to me about mei mei and say that mei mei will join me very soon. I am so looking forward to have mei mei with me so that I can share my toys with her. I received so many toys during my 1st birthday bash. Thank You Uncle and Aunties!!! I got 3 barney(s) and I intend to give the largest one to her when she comes home to live with us.

Daddy and Mummy, my bed seems to be too short for my legs already..Can I have a bigger bed? I don't mind giving my bed to mei mei cause I want a new one...ha ha..

Anyway I hope you like the picture I posted here. The picture doesn't just show that I am cute..It shows I am a very happy child!!!

God Bless and have a great week.

Love you

Josiah Pok